How do I store my Polaroid film best?

We are kicking off the new year with an exiting new series of posts. This series is all about the little things you need to know about instant-photography.

Instant-film is full of sensible chemicals. To help preserve you precious film for as long as possible, you have to follow a few simple rules.

How To Store Polaroid Film

This is how previously frozen film looks like… Not cool! Okay, somewhat cool 😉


  • Always store your film at a cool and dry place, i.e. your basement or fridge.
  • Never freeze the film!
  • Try to keep the storage conditions at a constant level.
  • Use Polaroid Originals film within a year (the earlier the better!)
  • Film is for shooting, not hoarding. Well, a little hoarding is okay 🙂

This is how I store my film…

How To Store Polaroid Film

Mini fridge for Polaroid film