Traveling with film and how to prepare

Our last instant photography tip was all about storing film. Now it is time to empty your film fridge and take your camera on the road! Because film is for shooting and not hoarding, isn’t it?

Polaroid Film & Travel

Film fridge – Instant film is for shooting, not for hoarding 😉

But, as you already know, instant film is expensive and to protect it from getting damaged you should take care of it.

But how? One possible threat for you film material are x-ray machines. X-rays can harm the negative in your film. But there is hope. Just follow the three simple tips below and everything will be fine.

  1. Never check your film in, always carry your film in your hand-luggage. X-ray machines for checked-in luggage are way stronger and will most likely ruin your film.
  2. All film with ISO 800 or below can be x-rayed without a problem.
  3. Higher ISO film should be hand checked. Ask the airport security for assistance.

All film by the Polaroid Originals the time of writing has lower than 800 ISO and therefore can be carried and x-rayed in your hand luggage.

I’ve updated this post with a video in 2018. Check it out for more info about traveling with film:

All we have left to say is: “Happy travels!”

Polaroid Film & Travel

Mercado Negro – La Paz, Bolivia (SX-70 with PX 70 Cool Film)

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