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Online Safari 2019

Free Polaroid Photography Competition Every year we are having a Sophort Safari in Vienna, Austria. The Safari is a day long photo competition with Polaroid cameras. This year we’ll be celebrating the fifth year of the event. Last year we started to also offer an online only part of the competition. For everyone who can’t […]

Top 5 Christmas Present Ideas For Instant Photography Fans

Our Polaroid Photography Picks For This Years Christmas Today we will show you our season favorites. Gifts that keep on giving for Polaroid enthusiasts and instant photographers to be. These five will be a guaranteed hit under the tree. Let’s go! Polaroid OneStep+ Start Experimenting! The newest instant camera by Polaroid Originals is great for […]

Polaroid Pictures From Your Wedding

Beautiful Polaroids At Your Wedding Everything You Need To Know In the latest years using Polaroid cameras at weddings became popular. A wedding without instant photos is quite rare to find now. The small prints are a perfect way to entertain your guests during pauses in your program and to create tangible memories that are […]

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Online Safari 2018

New Free Polaroid Photography Competition Every year we are hosting the Sophort Safari, a day long photo competition with Polaroid cameras, in Vienna, Austria. This year we’ll be celebrating the fourth year of the event. We thought: “How can we get even more people to participate?” That’s how we came up with a new way […]

Results – 3. Sophort Safari in Vienna

Best of Sophort Safari 2017   You can find the results and very best photos of the 3. Sophort Safari in Vienna from April 29, 2017 in this blog post. Congratulations to everyone who attended for their creative and skillful submissions! Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors: easygoinc. Longboards, Spotsnapr, Impossible Project, Jim Beam, Good Morning Vienna, Vöslauer, Red Bull, Ölz, Lorenz, McCafé, Hard Rock […]

Brand Relaunch

PolaWalk is now Sophort   Hi everyone, We have exciting news to share with you! Our company will change its name from PolaWalk to “Sophort”. Our new domain for all offers is www.sophort.com The Polaroid Photo Tours (“PolaWalks”) we are offering from now on have their own new distinctive name and brand: “Instant Tours” We […]


Polaroid Photo-Tip 12 – Shooting Outdoors

How to take Polaroid pictures outdoors?   Today’s tip is about how to shoot with your vintage Polaroid 600 camera outdoors: Outdoors, under normal light conditions, use the flash override shutter button. It is located right beneath the flash shutter button. Check out our Manual for Polaroid 600 cameras for pictures and more information. Watch the […]