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Polaroid Photo-Tip 10 – Exposure correction

How and when to use exposure correction Today’s tip is an important one for using Polaroid Originals color film. When should you use the camera’s exposure correction? Exposure correction slider on your Polaroid 600: Default position (middle) Your camera has a slider to control how bright or dark your picture should be. Adjust it to manually […]


Polaroid Photo-Tip 2 – Correct Exposure

How to get the correct exposure on a Polaroid 600 camera?   Today’s tip is about getting the correct exposure. Your exposure for pictures without flash is set by an automatic electric eye from your camera. It defines the shutter speed and lens opening according to the light conditions. If the scene is unevenly lit, […]


Polaroid Photo-Tip 1 – Backlit

Backlit subjects and how to shoot them with your vintage Polaroid camera Today’s tip is about how to shoot subjects that are backlit. Avoid shooting right into the sunlight. Try to have the light fall on your subject to come from behind you or from the side to prevent the loss of detail and highlights. […]