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Polaroid Film & Travel

Traveling with film and how to prepare Our last instant photography tip was all about storing film. Now it is time to empty your film fridge and take your camera on the road! Because film is for shooting and not hoarding, isn’t it? Film fridge – Instant film is for shooting, not for hoarding 😉 […]


How To Store Polaroid Film

How do I store my Polaroid film best? We are kicking off the new year with an exiting new series of posts. This series is all about the little things you need to know about instant-photography. Instant-film is full of sensible chemicals. To help preserve you precious film for as long as possible, you have […]


Polaroids – To Shake Or Not To Shake?

Should I shake a Polaroid Picture? Today we are tackling an urban legend that originated in the popular OutKast video “Hey Ya!” where Big Boi and André 3000 are singing: “Shake it like a Polaroid picture…” But, does that actually make sense? Or does it affect the developing process and even destroy your precious picture? […]