Our Polaroid Photography Picks For This Years Christmas

Today we will show you our season favorites. Gifts that keep on giving for Polaroid enthusiasts and instant photographers to be. These five will be a guaranteed hit under the tree. Let’s go!

Polaroid OneStep+

Start Experimenting!

The newest instant camera by Polaroid Originals is great for a first Polaroid camera but with it’s vast amount of creative features it’s the perfect Christmas gift for an avid Polaroid pro as well.

Let’s talk about features, shall we?

Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Side View 2

The Polaroid OneStep+

The successor of the even more affordable OneStep 2 comes with a Bluetooth enabled app that let’s you use your phone as a self timer, for timed exposures (great for night photography) and even the ability to have full manual control over the device.

There are two features on the camera that I like over the first OneStep 2 version: There’s a viewfinder tube and a portrait lens.

Both make the camera a lot easier to use and more flexible.

Price: 160 EUR, free worldwide shipping

Buy it here!

Fujifilm Instax SQ6

Get going!

This is Fujifilm’s first analog camera for their new Instax Square format. The pictures are a little bit bigger than the Instax Mini ones but smaller than Polaroid Originals film.


Fujifilm Instax SQ6

I like the available colors and also that it’s easy to take it with you everywhere because of its flat design. A really great first instant camera to own!

Price: 130 EUR, free worldwide shipping

Buy it here!

phrame.it – Aluminum Distance Frame

Be nostalgic!

Did you know that we made the perfect Polaroid frame and funded it through Kickstarter last year? Now you can buy it directly and exclusively in our store. What makes the frame special?

It’s not only beautifully made with its stylish aluminum frame and shadowbox effect but also extremely useful to protect your pictures from fading while still being able to showcase your favorites.

phrame.it Polaroid Picture Frame

phrame.it – Polaroid Picture Frame

The frame was designed with original Polaroid picture size in mind but trust me when I tell you that other formats, like peel-apart film or Instax Wide work well too! I for one have it with a packfilm picture from my last trip to New York on display.

Price: from 35 EUR, worldwide shipping available

Buy it here!

Gift Certificates

For the very last minute!

You’re already to the party? With our gift certificates and vouchers you will never be too late! The best thing about them?

Gift Certificate Sophort & Instant Tours

Gift Certificate Sophort & Instant Tours

You can use them in our Sophort online store as well as on all Polaroid tours on the instant.tours page!

Price: from 10 EUR, worldwide shipping or PDF vouchers available

Buy vouchers here!

Sophort Safari

Be adventurous!

Fancy a trip to Vienna, the capital of Austria? Why not combine it with a fun full day of Polaroid photography? Vienna’s most analog photo event (maybe event the world’s?) takes place for the already fifth year on May 12, 2019.

Sophort Safari 2019

Sophort Safari 2019

Bring your own camera or rent one from us. You can use new and vintage Polaroid cameras and Fujifilm Instax Mini compatible devices in the event. Capture Vienna on instant film and win fabulous prizes.

Tickets: from 35 EUR, early bird tickets available now!

Buy Tickets here!

For more inspiration just head over to the shop page. You want some tips from a Polaroid expert? Visit our our Christmas pop-up store from December 11 onwards.