Shooting Polaroids when it’s cold


Today’s tip is about what to do when it’s cold outside. When it’s cold outside (below 13 degrees Celsius or 55 degrees Fahrenheit) it is crucial to warm your camera and your pictures. You can achieve this by carrying the camera inside your coat (preferable) or in your bag.

In addition we highly recommend putting the Polaroid picture as close to your body as possible once it left the camera, at least your coat’s inner pocket.

Be careful to not bend the picture. The warmer you keep the picture the better the colors and contrast will be.

Here are a two samples of what can happen when you do not warm your pictures:

Polaroid Photo-Tip 4 - Shooting in Cold Weather
Polaroid Photo-Tip 4 - Shooting in Cold Weather

The following picture shows that even in winter it’s totally possible to create beautiful Polaroids:

Polaroid Photo-Tip 4 - Shooting in Cold Weather

Watch our video to learn more about how to shoot great Polaroids on cold days:


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