The Sophort Safari is a fun daylong photo-event for you, your family and your friends. We give you a secret photographic mission and you solve it in a creative way. Submit your best shots at the end of the day. They will be evaluated by an international jury. The best rated photos win great prizes!

  • Location

    Vienna, Austria

  • Date

    May 5, 2018

  • Skill Level

    No Photography Knowledge Needed

  • How To Attend

    Single or Team

  • Price

    Ticket with Camera 52€

  • Best Polaroids

    Win Great Prizes

47.0052.00 incl. 20% VAT


Countdown to the

4. Sophort Safari on May 5 2018


The Most Analog Photo Event

May 5, 2018

Explore Vienna with a Polaroid camera and win great prizes

You can attend the Sophort Safari as a single contestant or bring your team. Have an inspiring and creative day in Vienna with friends and family. Prior knowledge about photography or Polaroid is not needed to attend. You will receive all the information and the equipment you need from us.

Your starter-bag contains everything you need for the event including a rental Polaroid camera and a pack of Polaroid Originals film.

Before you get started with your photo mission we will teach you the most important things you have to know about the camera and how to use it.

To buy at ticket for the event just follow the process on the website.

  • Payment options:
    • Direct Bank Transfer (SOFORT)
    • Credit Cards
    • PayPal

A ticket includes a starter bag for you (and your team). You can decide to join as a team at a later time (also on the team name).

Order: We’ll send you your confirmation e-mail with all the info about the event afterwards.

Please note: Tickets are limited. If you don’t want to miss out we suggest getting your’s early.

If you have questions, call us at +43 676 773 58 72 or write an email to

  • Before the event:

1. Get your ticket

2. Learn about instant-photography with our tutorial videos and photo-tips

  • The day of the event:

3. Collect the starter-bag

4. Solve the photographic mission

5. Return your four best shots and the rental camera

6. Have your Polaroids scanned, take them back home afterward

  • After the event:

7. Jury evaluates the submissions

8. Win fabulous prizes

  • Starting Times:

With your booking you’ll receive the starting time for the event. The contestants start in groups between 9:00 and 12:00 AM. If you for some reason cannot make your assigned starting time, please let us know what works for you and we try to find a different group:

The event ends between 3:30 and 5:30 PM depending on the starting time.

Side- Events & Pop-Up Market

That’s what we have planned for you:

  • From 12:00 we have a Pop-Up Market where you can buy products from our event sponsors VACA CARE, easygoinc. and Fuxherz as well as cameras, film and accessories from our shop. We’ll be having some great deals like last year! No entry fee.
  • You have a Polaroid camera and don’t know if it works? Stop by and get it tested. No charge!
  • Get your Polaroid team photo taken by one of our experts!
  • Have your well deserved finisher beer by Stiegl or a refreshing Vöslauer Balance or all i need
  • Have your best Polaroid pictures scanned (from the event or from your mum) and order beautiful large prints at a special price
  • Don’t forget to join the free Online Safari to win extra prizes

Prizes for the 2018 Event

Creatively solve the secret photographic mission and score high with the international jury to win fabulous prizes.

Thank you to all our sponsor who helped to make it happen.

List of prices is subject to changes and is updated regularly


The winner of the 4. Sophort Safari will win this fabulous adventure day in Vienna. Sponsored by and Sophort

  • Cocktail To Go for 2
  • Scavenger Hunt “Erotic Vienna” for 2
  • Rental Instax camera and film to document your incredible day
  • Photo album to always be able to remember your adventures
  • LUUPS Wien 2018 (book with lots of vouchers for restaurants, bars, activities and more)
  • 1 ticket for the 5. Sophort Safari in 2019 (will you be able to defend the title?)
Girls looking at Polaroids
4. Sophort Safari


The second place finisher of the 4. Sophort Safari will win the following price, sponsored by Sophort



The third place finisher of the 4. Sophort Safari will win this fabulous price sponsored by easygoinc. and Sophort:

4. Sophort Safari

More Amazing Prizes

4. Sophort Safari

Fuxherz is a small Viennese fashion label focusing on aesthetics and individuality. Main theme of the duo Julia and Philipp are the forests inhabitants. Win one of their T-Shirts and a bag, designed by hand and printed on fabric. We will predict you will have a new favorite piece in your closet!

Win this fantastic package of high quality, genuine products, made in Austria by marketplace myProduct. We highly recommend their page for all your Austrian cravings!

4. Sophort Safari
4. Sophort Safari

Win a bag set by Lilias. Colorful and easy to clean this will be your new favorite companion. Made with love in Austria!

Get ready for Summer and win a set of natural sports and care products by Vaca Care.  Produced in small batches in Austria, clean, smart and cruelty free.

4. Sophort Safari
4. Sophort Safari

If you haven’t tried Wrapstars you’ve missed out. Big time! But hey, we have good news for you: Win their gym bag and don’t forget to look inside to find a voucher for a pair of deliciously tasty wraps. Yum!

Wien Gin is a fabulous Viennese gin. You can win one bottle of their signature spirit. But the Kesselbrüder even added a second bottle of their new Wien Klimt Gin to the price pool! Prost!

Klimt Gin by Kesselbrüder
Spotsnapr Eyewear

Win a super stylish piece of eyewear by Styrian producer Spotsnapr. Check out their amazing collection now!

A monthly supply of refreshing Stiegl beer and beer glasses to enjoy it can be yours!

4. Sophort Safari
4. Sophort Safari

easygoinc. is not only manufacturing the best Austrian longboards, they als started doing awesome camper van conversions and they have a fair and fashionable line of clothing. You can win some of their coolest shirts and sweaters at the Safari.

Create Your Date is a new Austrian platform that will supercharge your dates. They have fantastic ideas for fun activities and are sponsoring tickets for their scavenger hunt “Erotic Vienna” and you will learn how to mix your own cocktail (we suppose you know how to drink it!)

4. Sophort Safari

Prizes cannot be traded in for cash.  There is no recourse to legal action. Prizes might be subject to availability. Alcohol will not be awarded to attendees that are not of legal drinking age.

The 2018 Event Jury

4. Sophort Safari


Austrian Instagrammer & 3rd place finisher at the 3. Sophort Safari

Polaroids on Table


Writer, photographer and host of the Berndorfer Fotomarathon

4. Sophort Safari


Second time juror and Polaroid photographer from the US

Damian & Sandra


Damian and Sandra are a couple from Singapore. They share a keen passion for photography. From peel-apart films to Instax film, their interest in instant photography has no boundaries. Check out their jointly Instagram account @damianwithsandra

4. Sophort Safari


Winner of the 3rd Sophort Safari in 2017

  • Ticket with rental camera includes a starter bag containing of a vintage Polaroid rental camera and one pack of Polaroid Originals instant film
  • Ticket without rental camera includes a starter bag containing of one pack of Polaroid Originals instant film

You can attend the event as a single person or in a team. Each ticket includes a starter bag and is one entry to the event. Team members may accompany you on the photographic mission. They don’t need an extra ticket. You share the camera, the pictures and the prices. If you have questions about this write to

  • Address: Europasaal, Türkenstraße 25, 1090 Vienna, Austria

The contestants start in groups between 9:00 and 12:00 AM. We will send you your starting group after your ticket order. If you for some reason cannot make your assigned starting time, please let us know what works for you and we try to find a different group:

The event ends between 3:30 and 5:30 PM depending on the starting time.

Group 1:

  • Collect the starter bag between 9:30 und 10:00
  • Return at 15:30 the latest

Group 2:

  • Collect the starter bag between 10:30 und 11:00
  • Return at 16:30 the latest

Group 3:

  • Collect the starter bag between 11:30 und 12:00
  • Return at 17:30 the latest

The event languages are English and German. All information is available in both languages.

Please collect your starter-bag within the time frame you’ve received from us (see Duration). The bag contains:

  • Rental Polaroid camera already loaded with film (if you have purchased a ticket with a rental camera) or
  • Polaroid Originals instant film (if you are using your own camera)
  • Starter-Booklet containing the photographic mission, event rules, support hotline, short manual on camera and film, the most important photo tips
  • Stickers to mark your best 4 photos
  • Additional information, vouchers and other goodies

At the event you’ll have the opportunity to get a crash course on how to use the camera and the film by one of our experts. We strongly recommend taking part in this! This is also a good time to ask final questions.

If you want to prepare for the event we can recommend the following:

Event Location

4. Sophort Safari

The event takes place at the Europasaal.

Address: Türkenstraße 25, 1090 Vienna, Austria


Last updated: December 29, 2017

The Sophort Safari is a photographic competition where participants use original Polaroid cameras to solve a photographic mission.

Photographic Mission

The event starter bag contains the previously secret photographic mission. It is divided into eight distinctive topics.

In order to win prizes participants have to creatively solve the photo mission and submit their four best Polaroids at the end of the day to our jury by marking them with the topic’s corresponding number, i.e by using the sticker with the number 2 if it’s the submission for topic number 2, and sticking it to the back of the Polaroid.

Our crew will scan the participant’s submitted pictures to send them over to our jury. We will give back the originals right away. Note that the submissions are solely the participants choice.

Jury Evaluation

The jury will evaluate all the submissions by awarding points.

The overall winner is the person with the highest combined score of all four pictures. If there’s a tie, the jury will decide on a winner.

Category winners are pictures that scored highest in one of the eight distinctive topics. If there’s a tie, the person with the overall highest points win. If there’s still a tie the jury will decide on a winner. 

This is how the grading works:

The jury will award points to each submitted picture according to a scale from 1 to 10. 1 is the lowest score, 10 the highest. How and why the jury member comes to his or her decision is solely up to the jury member. We don’t give the further guidelines!

Prizes & Winners

The final, official result will be published on our website. We will inform all winners by e-mail on how to get their prizes.

The overall winner is the person with the highest overall score on all four submitted Polaroids. In the event of a tie the jury decides on the winner.

There is going to be a winner in each one of the eight distinctive photographic categories (topics). Category winners are the persons with the highest overall score on a category submission. In the event of a tie the person with the overall highest score on all four pictures wins the category. If there’s still a tie the jury will decide on a winner.

Each attendee can only be awarded with exactly one prize. If someone would win more than one prize the person can choose one prize from among them. Not chosen prizes will pass on to the person that’s ranked right after the winner. For example the 1st place will pass on to the 2nd place.

Film & Cameras

You can only use film that was given to you by us. You cannot use your own film. Only cameras that can use Polaroid Originals 600, SX-70 or I-Type film are allowed in the competition. You cannot use modified cameras or the Instant Lab. If in question, please ask us: