Best of Sophort Safari 2018


The results are in! You can find the official results and the very best pictures of Vienna’s 4th Sophort Safari in this entry.

We would like to congratulate all attendees for their fantastic work and the effort they dedicated to creating their Polaroid pictures. For some of them their effort resulted in winning one of many great prizes by our event sponsor. We’d also like to thank them for helping us making this analog event happen!

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We are already looking forward to seeing you in the next year!

Top 15

Congratulations to this years winner Andrea Hainzinger! The Upper Austrian succeeded with four high rated Polaroids, one of them even winning one of the categories. In the end she bested second place finisher Patrick Detz (a second time attendee) by just 2 points to win the event.

The Safari was held for the fourth time and Andrea is the already fourth female winner. Will we see the first male contestant at the top of the field in 2019 or will the female reign continue?


Place Name Team Points
1 Hainzinger, Andrea 187
2 Detz, Patrick 185
3 Luef, Barbara 184
4 Sabetzer, Christine FOSO und FOSA 183
5 Jauk, Katharina 176
6 Kurcz, Margarita 174
Lauber, Bernadette 174
8 Okc, Oz 172
9 Baumgartner, Harald 170
10 Lauter, Thomas 169
11 Meisinger, Marlene 168
Zeiler, Sabine Schießverein 168
13 Pimperl, Sophie 166
14 Padayhag, Thommy 160
Dias, Cássia 157

off overall 25 teams (about 39 attendees)

You can find all the points and individual results here

Top 3 “Overall”

  • 1st Place: Andrea Hainzinger (Pic 1 to 4)
  • 2nd Place: Patrick Detz (Pic 5 to 8)
  • 3rd Place: Barbara Luef (Pic 9 to 12)

Click to enlarge the picture to see place and name of the corresponding contestant


Top 3 “Tierisch | Animalistic”

  • 1st Place: Harald Baumgartner
  • 2nd Place: Margarita Kurcz
  • 3rd Place: Patrick Detz


Top 3 “Essenziell | Essential”

  • 1st Place: Margarita Kurcz
  • 2nd Place: Christine Sabetzer
  • 3rd Place: Thomas Lauter


Top 3 “Blendend | Blinding”

  • 1st Place: Thommy Padayhag
  • 1st Place: Andrea Hainzinger
  • 3rd Place: Katharina Jauk


Top 3 “On The Road Again”

  • 1st Place: Marlene Judit Meisinger
  • 2nd Place: Christine Sabetzer
  • 3. Platz: Bernadette Lauber


Top 3 “Gerollt | Rolled”

  • 1st Place: Sophie Pimperl
  • 2nd Place: Andrea Hainzinger
  • 3rd Place: Christine Sabetzer


Top 3 “Sommer | Summer”

  • 1st Place: Patrick Detz
  • 2nd Place: Katharina Jauk
  • 3rd Place: Barbara Luef
  • 3rd Place: Oz Okc


Top 3 “Farben | Colors”

  • 1st Place: Sabine Zeiler
  • 2nd Place: Barbara Luef
  • 3rd Place: Margarita Kurcz


Top 3 “Flüssig | Liquid”

  • 1st Place: Oz Okc
  • 2nd Place: Patrick Detz
  • 3rd Place: Dominik Nather


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