Best of Sophort Safari 2017


You can find the results and very best photos of the 3. Sophort Safari in Vienna from April 29, 2017 in this blog post. Congratulations to everyone who attended for their creative and skillful submissions!

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We are already looking forward to the next year’s event. See you there!

Top 15

Click to enlarge the picture to see place and name of the corresponding contestant


Place Name Team Points
1 Kamolmas, Jayien The Persuaders 225
2 Mayr, Astrid 218
3 Kirchmayr, Katrin* 207
4 Luef, Barbara 202
5 Konlechner, Isabella 201
Stundner, Christine 201
7 Grohs, Christina 200
8 Detz, Patrick 199
9 Kurz, David 198
10 Padayhag, Thommy 194
Panholzer, Lilly 194
Krall, Barbara 194
13 Dias, Cássia 193
14 Sock, Reinhard FOSO und FOSA 191
Alibegic, Sanela 191

off overall 39 teams (approx. 61 attendees)

You can find the points in the individual categories and all places of all attendees here

*not eligible for prizes

Top 3 “Air Guitar”

  • 1st Place: David Kurz
  • 2nd Place: Christine Stundner
  • 3rd Place: Reinhard Sock (FOSO und FOSA)


Top 3 “Market Day”

  • 1st Place: Marlene Judith Meisinger
  • 1st Place: Katrin Kirchmayr
  • 3rd Place: Jayien Kamolmas (The Persuaders)


Top 3 “Reflection”

  • 1st Place: Astrid Mayr
  • 2nd Place: Isabella Konlechner
  • 2nd Place: Thommy Padayhag


Top 3 “Adventure”

  • 1st Place: Katrin Kirchmayer
  • 2nd Place: Sanela Alibegic
  • 2nd Place: Astrid Mayr


Top 3 “Double”

  • 1st Place: Bianca-Maria Braunshofer
  • 2nd Place: Astrid Mayr
  • 3rd Place: Christina Grohs


Top 3 “Weekend”

  • 1st Place: Jayien Kamolmas (The Persuaders)
  • 2nd Place: Lilly Panholzer
  • 2nd Place: Patrick Detz


Top 3 “Vienna from above”

  • 1st Place: Cássia Dias
  • 2nd Place: Anna Aufner
  • 2nd Place: Barbara Luef


Top 3 “Stairs”

  • 1st Place: Jayien Kamolmas
  • 2nd Place: Barbara Luef
  • 3rd Place: Christine Stundner


All photos by all the attendees

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