Hochzeit - Tipps & Tricks zum Fotografieren mit der Polaroid Kamera

Beautiful Polaroids At Your Wedding

Everything You Need To Know

In the latest years using Polaroid cameras at weddings became popular. A wedding without instant photos is quite rare to find now. The small prints are a perfect way to entertain your guests during pauses in your program and to create tangible memories that are available right away. Creating a Polaroid guestbook is fun for all ages. Kids, their parents and even the grandparents love using these engaging gadgets.

To make your wedding day as perfect as possible, I have put together the most important info for choosing and using instant cameras at the celebration.


Fujifilm Instax or Polaroid?

This is THE question you have to ask yourself: Do you want to use Fujifilm Instax or Polaroid Originals instant film.

Using Fujifilm cameras with Instax Wide film has a number of advantages over Polaroid Originals film in (vintage) Polaroid cameras.

Polaroid Camera with Instant Picture

Polaroid 600 camera and Polaroid Originals film

Instax cameras are easy to use and explained in just a few minutes. Our two short videos are all you need to get started.

Instax 300 Camera with Instax Wide Picture

Instax 300 Camera with Instax Wide picture

A major advantage the Instax film has, is the shorter time until your prints will be developed. Instax needsabout 7 minutes compared to about 20 with Polaroids film. It’s cheaper too at about 1 EUR per shoot, compared to just over 2 EUR a print for the Polaroid film. Last but not least capturing many guests in one shot of Instax Wide is easy. That’s why it’s called WIDE 😉

Fujifilm Instax Wide

Fujifilm Instax Wide

The original Polaroid has it’s own magical charm though. The classic format: White frame and square picture is just timeless. Polaroid Originals also have a number of fun special editions (color frames, black-and-white film,…).

Wedding Polaroid

The Original Polaroid Format

For most events and weddings we recommend our Fujifilm rental package. It has everything you need: The cameras, film and props, like fake beards and glasses. You can pick it up from our Vienna office or have it sent to you. We ship free worldwide on all orders over 120 EUR!

Here are links to products you might need for the party, our rental solutions and film:


Instax Camera and Wide Picture

Fujifilm Instax Rental Camera with Film


Polaroid Camera with Instant Picture

Vintage Polaroid Rental Camera with Film


Fujifilm Instax Wide 20 Pictures

Fujifilm Instax Wide Film


Color 600 Film by Polaroid Originals

Polaroid Originals Film for Polaroid Cameras


Tips on How, Where & When To Take The Pictures

When is the best time to get the shots?

In our experience it’s a great idea to give the guestbook it’s own stage. It should be a special part of the wedding. Announce that it’s happening and how it works. To make it a success remind your guests to use the cameras and leave their message to the happy couple in the book.

Wedding Photo Booth

The Photo Booth

Where and how to take the Polaroids?

Place the photo booth in front of a background, like a wall (which can be decorated). If you take the pictures in the middle of a room you won’t be seeing anything from the background due to the flash, it will just be pitch black. The best results you will get if you take the pictures with flash from a distance of about 1.5 meters to 2 meters away from your subjects.

How many photos do I need?

If you plan to “just” take Polaroids for the guestbook, you will need about the expected number of guests divided by two.

In our experience if you have about 100 guests you will need 50 shots max. You obviously need more pictures if you plan to have family and friends also take some photo memories home.

Who should be in charge of taking the photos?

We think it’s important to designate a guest to as the responsible person for the photo booth. He or she can explain how to use the camera, help with taking the pictures and reloading it.


The more and funkier props you have, the better! Search your attics and basements for fun sunglasses, hats and feather boas 😉 A great addition to your collection are the DOIY paper props which come with our rental packages but can be purchased separately from our shop as well.

Tip: Provide a vase for the props

Vase Polaroid Wedding


There are many beautiful wedding guestbooks out there. One thing we especially like are black pages instead of the quite common white pages. They will help the Polaroids to stand out and your guests can use silver, golden or other metallic pens to fill the pages with love. Also great are Washi tapes and stickers. Providing those to your wedding guests will make it a lot easier for them be creative and craft their personal message for you.

Wedding Album Guestbook

Album with black pages

The more diverse your pens, stickers, tapes are the easier your guests will have it to decorate their page.

Washi Tapes and metallic pens

Metallic pens and washi tapes

You have questions? We are happy to help! Just leave a comment or write us: support@sophort.com


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