What’s wrong with my Polaroid? Part I

Some Parts Of My Polaroid Are Not Developed Properly


You are wondering why your Polaroid picture came out with parts not fully developed?

Watch this in addition to the blog to learn more about the undeveloped patch:

In fact they look not developed at all? Your shot might look like these:

Well, this is a quite common anomaly and we call it the undeveloped patch or “divot”. In fact its presence can have various causes.

Basically what happened is, that developer chemistry didn’t reach this part of the picture and it is therefore undeveloped.

That is caused by roller pressure. Your camera has two metal rollers that destroy the chemical pods in the film and distribute the developer paste on the picture.

Polaroid Chemical Pods

Polaroid Chemical Pods

This paste can be dried out if it’s old film or not in perfect shape due to bad storage conditions. Another cause might be production related and there was just slightly not enough liquid in the pods.

In this case it is likely that the issue does not happen with your next pack of film.

I just had the same problem the other day and with the next pack of film it didn’t happen again.

This is just something that can and will happen from time to time.

Anyhow there is one thing you can try to avoid having undeveloped patches and it is something you should do anyway from time to time:

Clean the camera’s metal rollers!

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